Drakensberge - taken during a photography workshop in South Africa in 2023 by Thomas Fuhrmann, SnowmanStudios - see more pictures on www.snowmanstudios.de

Scaling the Peaks: Discovering South Africa’s Highest Mountains

South Africa, known for its diverse landscapes, is also home to some of the highest mountains on the continent. These majestic peaks not only offer breathtaking views but also provide adventurers with thrilling opportunities for hiking, climbing, and exploration. In this article, we will delve into the highest mountains in South Africa, exploring their towering summits, unique features, and the allure they hold for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Drakensberg: Sentinel Peak

Standing tall as the highest mountain in South Africa, Sentinel Peak dominates the skyline with its rugged beauty and towering cliffs. Located within the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sentinel Peak reaches an impressive height of 3,482 meters (11,423 feet) above sea level. This iconic mountain offers hikers and climbers a challenging yet rewarding ascent, with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, rivers, and waterfalls from its summit. The Drakensberg region, with its dramatic escarpment and diverse ecosystems, provides an unforgettable outdoor experience for nature enthusiasts.

The Cape Fold Belt: Seweweekspoort Peak

In the Western Cape’s picturesque landscape lies Seweweekspoort Peak, the highest point in the Cape Fold Belt mountain range. Rising to an elevation of 2,325 meters (7,628 feet) above sea level, this mountain offers hikers and mountaineers a chance to explore its rugged terrain and unique geological formations. The Swartberg Nature Reserve, where Seweweekspoort Peak is located, is renowned for its dramatic cliffs, deep gorges, and diverse flora and fauna. Hiking to the summit of Seweweekspoort Peak provides adventurers with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Maluti Mountains: Mont-Aux-Sources

Nestled between South Africa and the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, the Maluti Mountains are home to Mont-Aux-Sources, one of the highest peaks in the country. Rising to an elevation of 3,254 meters (10,676 feet) above sea level, Mont-Aux-Sources is aptly named for its role as the source of several major rivers, including the Tugela, Orange, and Vaal. The trek to the summit of Mont-Aux-Sources is challenging but rewarding, with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and the chance to explore unique alpine flora and fauna. The Maluti Mountains, with their rugged beauty and rich biodiversity, offer adventurers an unforgettable mountain experience.

The Cape Peninsula: Table Mountain

No exploration of South Africa’s highest mountains would be complete without mentioning Table Mountain, one of the country’s most iconic landmarks. Rising to a height of 1,085 meters (3,558 feet) above sea level, Table Mountain towers over the city of Cape Town, offering visitors panoramic views of the surrounding coastline, cityscape, and neighboring peaks. Accessible via a cable car or numerous hiking trails, Table Mountain provides adventurers with a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, and paragliding. Its unique flat-topped summit, known as the “tabletop,” is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the Cape Peninsula.


South Africa’s highest mountains offer adventurers a chance to explore some of the country’s most breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. From the rugged peaks of the Drakensberg to the dramatic cliffs of the Cape Fold Belt, each mountain range has its own unique charm and allure. Whether you’re seeking a challenging hike, a scenic viewpoint, or a thrilling adventure, these towering peaks provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable outdoor experiences. So pack your gear, lace up your boots, and embark on a journey to discover the highest mountains in South Africa.

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